Come and see what whispers to you
Our vibrational stone jewelry supports, soothes, encourages and inspires
No two pieces are alike, just like the people who wear them

… More than just jewelry...
Intelligently crafted to uplift and inspire

The timeless energetic properties of semi-precious stones can help uplift or calm, energize or bring deep insight, depending on your need or desire in the moment. Learn more about the unique characteristic of the magical gems that we weave into our one-of-a-kind jewelry!

Discover the Whispering Stones Collection

“Whether I am seeking help with abundance or simply self love, I always find the piece that speaks to me and helps me along my journey.”
- Barbara Benson, Atlanta, GA

“Beautiful, healing stones combined to create one of a kind jewelry. Go, see, try, fall in love!”
- Jenya Hampton, Roswell, GA