It seems like it was just meant to be.

Owner and lead designer at Whispering Stones Jewelry, Bridgette Raitz had a love for stones as a girl. Over time, that fascination grew into a full-blown intuitive communication with them. The stones had messages for her, and the more they revealed their secrets, the more she felt drawn to sharing their gifts with people everywhere.

“The stones are truly as intelligent and as alive as we are. It’s my extraordinary joy to be their emissary and to help people adorn themselves with the beauty, power and deep wisdom of these amazing friends of ours.”
~ Bridgette Raitz, owner, Whispering Stones Jewelry

Bridgette poured herself into learning about the rich history and somewhat esoteric, energetic qualities of the families of stones and how they affect and uplift people. In 2015, she launched Whispering Stones Jewelry whose elegant designs have become instruments of love as well as companions to nourish and awaken the soul.

The Tale of Whispering Stones
Literally “gems” of the earth, semi-precious stones and crystals carry timeless qualities like acceptance, joy, and patience that can lift our emotions, calm our spirits and inspire spiritual awakening.  

Quietly radiating qualities as varied as calmness, vitality, intuitive development, or psychic protection, gemstones have brought beauty, richness and depth to those they adorn for thousands of years.

Whispering Stones Jewelry gracefully intertwines and combines semi-precious stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces that seem to magically find their way to their intended recipient. More than a wonderful accessory, our beautiful creations are instruments of love. They are companions that can nourish and awaken the soul!

Our Purpose Radiates Joy
More than just a jewelry company, we are passionate about crafting beautiful jewelry companions that allow the stones to share their truly amazing gifts with those who are willing to receive! We hope to help raise awareness worldwide about the love, healing and conscious presence of these varied and powerful stones.

Whispering Stones Jewelry

Beautiful companions to nourish and awaken the soul