Sea and Sky Stones- All About the Throat Chakra by Bridgette Raitz on 8/14/2016

Like many people today, I am very attracted to stones in the color ray from aqua to turquoise to teal blue- what I refer to as the "sea and sky stones".  All of these stones support the alignment of our heart and voice, which is so essential in this day and time.  With the loud extreme cacophany that threatens to drown out the more reasoned, heart-centered ideas that are increasingly arising, these stones play a wonderful role in supporting us as we speak our truth. They are all about the throat chakra!

There are many wonderful stones that appear in this color band and provide love and support to wearers so they can speak their truth with compassion and conviction. They also assist with holding healthy boundaries and releasing the fear of judgment that can come with opening up and being our authentic and amazing selves!  While there are too many to discuss in one small list, some of my favorites in this color range include:


Turquoise.  Long associated with our native American culture, but also found in other parts of the world, this stone carries a vibration of sacred truth. It is associated with the sky and is a stone of wholeness, beneficial to one’s whole self and vitality, as well as calming and balancing to the spirit. Turquoise improves communication of our highest truths, encourages compassion and releases the need to judge. It allows us to see the benefit of our mistakes, and accept them as a perfect part of who we are and who we are to become. It is said to increase vitality, relieve stress, protect against pollution, and bring abundance as well. 



Amazonite.  This is a harmonious stone that increases self-acceptance and getting along with others. It promotes peace and allows truth to come to the surface –uniting us with the various aspects of ourselves and with others. Amazonite is excellent for dreams and meditation. It promotes speaking your truth, helps quell the fear of conflict and encourages setting and holding healthy boundaries. Amazonite is a stone of courage and hope believed to be named after legendary Amazon women warriors which supports you in letting go of concern about the opinions and judgment of others.



Larimar. This amazing blue turquoise stone comes only from the Caribbean and allows the wearer to speak from the heart. A feminine goddess stone, it is said to build confidence and aid in relaxation. Larimar connects sea and sky and builds peace and serenity. Both wonderful to wear and place around. It calms fear, diffuses anger, and helps one communicate truth and boundaries. Larimar also reminds us to stay in the present moment, to love, and let go of judgment making it very good for caregivers, healers and mothers. It reminds us of the importance of self-nurturing and self-respect. 



Labradorite.  This is an amazing stone that allows you to move between worlds. It is excellent for increasing self-awareness, amplifies healing and enhances psychic abilities. It is a stone of magic, awakening the knowledge of the magic in each of us. An amazing companion to self discovery, it can aid in releasing the tendency to try to control others, recognize the egoic influence on patterned behavior and aid one in shifting the focus to self-mastery. Wearing labradorite can help one remember the different layers of “reality”, affording strength to stand with a foot in both worlds. Increases vision with the inner eye to higher awareness.


Aquamarine.  This blue to green stone provides a gateway to the Divine Feminine and allows one to release old patterns of the victim archetype. Wonderful for cooling emotions so that patterns can emerge and be dealt with, aquamarine also allows one to more easily speak their highest truth. In that way, it is a stone of empowerment but also one that calms and soothes. It promotes compassionate, yet truthful communication, and is said to be the strongest stone in clearing the throat chakra. Aquamarine is a stone of release. 



Worn alone or together, these stones and others in this color band are very supportive, nurturing and inspiring!  They are wonderful worn or set about to help hold intentions and boundaries.  We're all about the sea and sky stones which you will find in a number of our creations.  Drop into our shop, or your local stone store, and treat yourself to some love and support!