Unwind into Peace-Ammonites and Amazonite by Bridgette Raitz on 12/8/2016

There's something about the end of each year that is both a wonderful blessing and an amazingly active "trigger" for those of us dealing with repetitive issues.  As the days get shorter and cold weather encourages us to "nest", it's a wonderful time to go within- both literally and figuratively, and find some peace.  The holiday season provides ample opportunities in the form of "triggers" to re-examine long-term patterns and ways of operating that no longer serve who we are now, or who we want to become.  So, in keeping with the spirit of giving, I would like to offer two "stones" of the earth that can be extremely helpful in unwinding patterns on our way to a happier 2017.

The first wonderful companion is an ammonite.  These are actually fossils that are millions of years old, dating back before the dinosaurs. It is said that these “stones” radiate optimism from the earth itself, bringing luck as well as prosperity in all things.  A very spiritual stone, ammonites can be used to assist one in finding the proper way down the coiled, spiral spiritual pathway to one’s center. I also believe that they help us to unwind patterns that no longer serve us, allowing new helpful opportunities to emerge.

Ammonites have a protective energy and add stability and enhance flow. Due to the fact that ammonites were once living beings, they are connected to Akasha, the fifth element.  

I have several of these for display in my Etsy store.  When I visit the Tucson gem show in February, I hope to return with a number of pendant ammonites for necklaces.  Fingers crossed!


The second stone companion that I would recommend to assist in restoring your peace is amazonite. Interestingly, this stone is often the one that draws the most people to it initially in my displays. (Perhaps a sign of what is most needed now.)  Amazonite is a harmonious stone that increases self-acceptance, calms the mind and aids in getting along with others. It promotes peace and allows truth to come to the surface –uniting us with the various aspects of ourselves and with others. Amazonite is excellent for dream work, in meditation and, as the "diplomat stone", is powerful when in mediation. This lovely stone promotes speaking your truth, helps quell the fear of conflict and encourages setting and holding healthy boundaries. Amazonite is a stone of courage and hope believed to be named after legendary Amazon women warriors and  is wonderful in helping you let go of concern about the opinions and judgment of others. Given the lovely supportive nature of this stone's vibration, we recommend wearing it as a reminder to dance to your own happy tune. If you find you are drawn to it, there are several wonderful bracelets in our store that feature this stone.

While there are many other delightful stone companions that can assist you in recognizing patterns that no longer serve you, we believe that these two are special advocates on our quest to restore the joy in our lives.

Happy holidays and blessings to all!