Dynamite Kyanite! by Bridgette Raitz on 7/12/2016

I have always been attracted to blue kyanite.  When I first began exploring huge displays of beads and stones, my eyes would invariably go to this amazing blue stone with an almost otherworldy lustre.  Kyanite comes in a variety of colors and from various locations throughout the world. Each works synergistically with the other colors and brings unique properties to the mix.

 Stone experts will often list the metaphysical properties of this multi-faceted stone as increasing psychic ability, higher vibration, opening to past lives and other consciousness, lucid dreaming, and sharpening mental abilities, among others.  Yet, what attracts me to kyanite is the unmistakable feeling that it is a powerful ally in my journey.  When I hold it, I feel a strong and consistent vibration, and experience a protective kinship that encourages me to seek beyond what I see, hear and feel.  I was recently told by a very intuitive friend that I needed to work more with kyanite.  Not surprisingly, in a display of fun serendipity that was no coincidence,  I came across the most amazingly translucent kyanite beads not too much later at one of my favorite haunts.  It took me but a minute to snatch them all up.

You can see this beautiful blue-green kyanite in the new bracelets we've added to the store.  They are a marvelous color- a lovely blue with a lot of green tones mixed in. We've added one bead of healing, powerful Karelian shungite to brings some additional protection and grounding.  Kyanite is a lovely reminder to connect your heart and mind and remain open to a universe that loves and supports you all the time.