Get Close to Aura Quartz by Bridgette Raitz on 5/29/2016


The wonderful vibrations of our Earth's abundant stones can vary greatly.  Some are soft and sweet like rose quartz, while others like shungite can project a strong and protective vibration.  In creating unique jewelry pieces, I hand select the stones, trying very hard to avoid synthetic look-alikes and other manufactured products.  Most reputable dealers will label their stones with terms like "mystic" and "stabilized" to let you know if a stone has been grown or color enhanced in the lab, compiled from pieces, or made to look like another, but other dealers are not so precise.  So, you learn to rely on instinct and the vibrations that the stones share with you to select natural stones and crystals.

In recent years, however, there is another category of stones that has become a favorite of mine ---even though they do spend some time in the lab-fusing nature and science.  Known as the Aura Quartz, these very interesting stones begin as high quality clear quartz that are then fused with various metals at high temperatures, resulting in beautiful iridescent colors that sing at a very high vibration. 

I've been smitten with them ever since I came across a small aqua aura quartz cluster and was dazzled by it's sweet high energy. The lovely turquoise-aqua color is produced when pure gold atoms bond with the clear quartz.  This is a stone that allows us to speak our truth with compassion, and release anger, anxiety and fear.  It soothes the wearer and is excellent for meditation. When I read that aqua aura harmonizes with labradorite, larimar, lapis, chrysophase, amethyst, moldavite, opal, charoite, iolite, citrine, and tanzanite, all favorites of mine, I knew this was the stone for me.  Soon, I had several pieces around my house and was seeking them out to add to my pieces.

Another lovely, tanzan aura quartz, is named after its resemblance to tanzanite, and is the marriage of clear quartz and atomized indium, niobium and gold, resulting in a beautiful blue/purple iridescent color. It draws its power not only from the color of the purple ray that results, but from the metals infused, leading to a high vibration. Amazing for developing latent psychic talents and also for connecting to your Higher Self and guides, angels and others. On the mental level, it is said to support clear thinking and memory, as well as unifying both hemispheres of the brain. Tanzan aura quartz is a wonderful awakening stone that we feature in a number of our offerings, including these power packed earrings that include charoite and amethyst.

 In exploring other Aura Quartz options, I soon learned about angel aura quartz, which results when clear quartz is treated with platinum or silver atoms.  This gorgeous stone carries a high, intense vibration that connects with the angelic realm. The lovely iridescent flash recalls angel wings and is sweetly uplifting and encouraging. It has been called a stone of beauty, inner peace and spiritual awareness and is great for meditation and communication with angels and guides. I love to wear a bracelet of these stones alone, in a column with others or add just one bead to a piece for a lovely, divine connection.

 And finally, I was entranced by imperial gold quartz (also called tangerine aura quartz) which results when clear quartz points are bonded with atomized iron and titanium, resulting in a beautiful orange iridescent color. It is said to blend the heart and solar plexus chakras, for a wonderful balance of love and manifestation. This stone may also increase your awareness of your powers of co-creation, generosity and altruistic motivation. It's a new favorite that we have incorporated in necklaces, bracelets and earrings, like this pairing with amber and sunstone.

These Aura Quartz stones are a dazzling marriage of nature and science that can elevate your vibration and provide excellent support on your journey. Available in a dazzling array of colors, we have found them to be irresistable companions.