More Divine Feminine Energy Please! by Bridgette Raitz on 11/1/2016

I am yearning for more Divine Feminine energy in my life, our society and the world at large.  Clearly, a lot is coming to the surface for us to heal- individually and as the collective humanity. So in order to boost our optimism, grace, serenity and confidence in the future, I believe it's a great time to spend time with some stones that hold and promote Divine Feminine energy. You can do this by wearing them, carrying them with you, meditating with them or by setting them near where you spend time in your home, car or office. 

Vickie Hanchin, LSW, provides a beautiful description of the role of the Sacred or Divine Feminine when she says:  "In values of daily living it means welcoming, including and listening to one another, in the service of understanding. It means affirming and supporting one another and seeking the unique gifts that each individual has to offer. It means accepting and respecting differences. It means being slow to judge, and open to compassion. It means being grounded in the heart, using the head in the service of the greater good. It means including intuition in perceiving and decision making. It means being connected to the goodness, aliveness, sensuality and wisdom of the body. It means using personal power to serve and to create, not to dominate and exploit." (Read more of her wisdom at this wonderful website). Whether male or female, we could all benefit from more kindness, compassion for ourselves and others and cooperation.  Thankfully, stones that resonate with Divine Feminine energy bring this in spades.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Aquamarine provides a gateway to the Divine Feminine and allows one to release old patterns of the victim archetype. Wonderful for cooling emotions so that patterns can emerge and be dealt with, aquamarine also allows one to more easily speak their highest truth. In that way, it is a stone of empowerment but also one that calms and soothes. It promotes compassionate, yet truthful communication, and is said to be the strongest stone in clearing the throat chakra. Aquamarine is a stone of release.



Chrysocolla is wonderful for bringing peace, increasing wisdom and discernment. This stone also promotes level headedness, clear thought and a neutral, cool attitude during rough times. It can also be used to decrease nervousness and irritability. A peaceful stone of the Goddess, it encourages compassion, forgiveness and strengthening of character. Chyrsocolla is also a stone of prosperity that can stimulate the mind and relax emotions at the same time.


Larimar. This amazing blue turquoise stone comes only from the Caribbean and allows the wearer to speak from the heart. A feminine goddess stone, it is said to build confidence and aid in relaxation. Larimar connects sea and sky and builds peace and serenity. Wonderful to wear and place around. It calms fear, diffuses anger, and helps one communicate truth and boundaries. Reminds us to stay in the present moment, love, and let go of judgment. Larimar is very good for caregivers, healers and mothers. It reminds us of the importance of self-nurturance and self- respect.



Seraphinite, named after the highest order of angels, is a wonderful and powerful healing stone. It is centering, balancing and cleansing, allowing old patterns to fall away and new vibrant light energy to emerge. Wonderful for angelic and Divine Feminine communication and meditation. Seraphinite is a high-vibrational stone that stimulates well-being, wholeness and healing to mind-body-spirit. Also an amazing companion for those interested in healing the Earth.


Rainbow Moonstone or moonstone is a stone of great light that brings joy, great vitality and the goddess life force. It can help spread positive energy through the aura and offers inner peace, optimism and harmony. Rainbow moonstone is a protective stone that can preserve clarity, support emotional balance and promote emotional healing. It carries with it the feminine aspects of the Goddess and can align the chakras. Wonderful stone to encourage each to be their own soul radiating joy. 


Take time out as the weather starts to turn to encourage these qualities to further emerge in yourself. And watch the change so many of us would like to see in the world begin with each of us! If you would like to purchase some wonderful bracelets, earrings or intention pendants that feature these stones and others, please visit our Etsy shop!