Love These Loving Stones! by Bridgette Raitz on 2/1/2017





February is a wonderful month to reach for some loving stones in the pink ray that the earth has provided in an astonishing variety! Ranging from a very plentiful rose quartz to high vibrational kunzite, these are great stone companions waiting to spread the love. Interestingly, though each holds a positive and loving vibration, there are intriguing nuances and specialties between a number of them.

Rose quartz is probably the most well known of the “love” stones. Ranging from a whitish to deeper pink color, it is plentiful (by design I believe) and comes from many areas of the world. This is a universal stone of hope and unconditional love that can link your heart to both the heart of the Earth and the Universe. Though a gentle looking feminine stone, it packs a wonderful energy that is both healing and energizing. Rose quartz is a powerful companion that can encourages us to love ourselves by breaking old patterns and forgiving past mistakes. It is also wonderful for heartbreak, soothing grief and introducing calm. Rose quartz promotes harmony, compassion and understanding by stimulating the hearts energy and turning it toward love. A healing stone, it is said to reprogram the cells for joy, as it heals the heart and rebuilds trust. Rose quartz can be worn, used in meditation, kept nearby while sleeping and placed in your work and home environments. 

Kunzite, a high vibrational stone, can encourage the voice of the heart to speak to the mind.  This stone is pale pink to light purple stone and is an aid in removing emotional blockages, dispelling negativity, promoting self-esteem and calming the heart.  Kunzite helps you navigate the balance between your personal needs and the needs of others, promoting kind compassion and love for others as well as yourself. It is said that kunzite paves the way from greater creativity by promoting maturity combined with the open joy of childhood. It supports an open, loving, strong and vibrant attitude that is grounded in security and freedom. A wonderful stone to encourage opening your heart to love yourself, others, Spirit, and all that is. For those who tend to stay in their heads too much, kunzite can also awaken and marry your mind and heart.

 Rhodochrosite, a delightful brighter pink stone, is a wonderful addition that assists you in loving yourself and in healing old and deep wounds. It carries with it a vibration of self-love, compassion and affirmation of your inner child. A joyful stone, rhodochrosite is also soothing and comforting and can help heal both the heart and relationships, attracting new love. Wonderful in healing old wounds so you can move forward in love.


Rhodonite, another loving stone of the pink ray that contains some black manganese oxide, is a wonderful nurturing stone that directs love outward in the form of generosity through the expression of our talents. It helps us uncover our hidden gifts and assists us in focusing them for the good of ourselves, the earth and the collective community. Besides helping ascertain where our true talents lie and our path of purpose, rhodonite is a stone of perception- allowing us to understanding archetypal patterns in our life. A powerful companion of self-discovery, this stone amps vitality, detoxification, healing and supports the healthy flow of chi through the body.

Rose Aura Quartz is a wonderful blend of science and nature. Made by bonding quartz with titanium, this stone can help you let go of doubts about self-worth and open you to self-love and universal love. Another high vibration stone, it is said to heal and balance cells within the body.

 These five loving stones are favorites of mine and are great companions to wear all-year long. Others, such as pink chalcedony, pink sapphire, strawberry quartz, pink calcite, morganite, pink danburite, pink fluorite and thulite are also fabulous stones of the pink ray that are wonderful allies in loving yourself, others and humanity. We invite you to add one or more of these supportive and loving companions and spread the love!

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