Get Grounded in the New Year! by Bridgette Raitz on 1/8/2017

Grounding stones or crystals are invaluable resources in helping us feel connected, centered and balanced. Connecting us to the Earth’s energy, they help us feel more secure, determined and calm as we walk through our life’s journey. By being intentional in connecting to the Earth through our root chakra, we can better hold our alignment and be authentically who we are- a spiritual being having a physical experience.

 As we begin this new year, it’s a great time to ground ourselves and our intentions for 2017! Whenever I put on my stone jewelry in the morning, I always include a grounding stone- most often in the form of a grounding bracelet. It’s an invaluable aid that anchors me and my aspirations for the day. On a day that I think may hold particular challenges with circumstances or people, I will start with a strong grounding stone and then perhaps add something very protective. For a day when I feel challenged physically or emotionally, I might add something healing or calming. For the instance when I am opening a pop-up or premiering my booth at a festival, I might reach for something that promotes abundance and allows me to most easily share the wisdom of the stones. My favorite grounding stones are multi-purpose companions--- yet each is excellent at spiritually supporting you and your aspirations while maintaining a strong connection to the Earth. Each of these stones carries its own unique signature, seen in the weight and vibration of each.

 One of the lightest of my grounding favorites is black onyx, a form of chalcedony, that is readily available. This is a stone of inner strength, personal power and self-mastery that promotes persistence, endurance, mental focus and self-control. By grounding the energy of other stones, it can be very helpful in working with higher energy stones that can overstimulate. It cools and condenses excess energy.

Onyx is aligned with the Earth element, as well as the root, solar plexus and third eye chakras. It is a stone that supports physical strength, while encouraging vitality and energy. Onyx is also said to calm nervousness, relieve physical and emotional stress, calm anxiety and soothe anger. Finally, onyx is said to help equalize the yin-yang, bringing us into more balance and alignment. This lovely stone packs some serious power in keeping us grounded on our path.

Rich, gold-to-brown smoky quartz is not only an excellent grounding stone, but it is also purifying and protective and can transmute negative energies, including radiation. It assists in manifesting the spiritual in the physical, including supporting spiritual beings who need to be more grounded into the physical life. For those with specific goals, it can assist in drawing ethereal ideas into manifestation, and is wonderful at enhancing practicality and organization—a great plus for students of all ages. (As an aside, it is also said that when wearing or holding smoky quartz with golden rutiles, you are more likely to see ghosts, fairies, and spirit guides.)

 Smoky quartz corresponds with the Earth element and base chakra. It is a superb antidote to stress, grounds spiritual energy and neutralizes negative vibrations. A great companion as you leave behind what no longer serves you. This stone is said to relieve pain, including headaches and cramps. The second heaviest of my favorites, it is hard to go wrong with this amazing stone!

 The third of my favorite grounding stones is lovely, supportive, protective garnet. In varying hues of deep red, garnet enhances vitality, endurance and joy, while it activates and strengthens the base chakra. This is a wonderful stone for those who feel ungrounded or lack energy. Garnets have dense energies—which you may sense based on the comforting weight alone- that help keep one firmly grounded in the body while also offering psychic protection. Like smoky quartz, it is also aligned with the base chakra and Earth element. For those seeking more abundance of any type, garnets carry prosperity energy that can help ground dreams into the earth plane. Additionally, garnet is a strongly regenerative healing stone that encourages you to clear karmic patterns, and take time to love and support yourself.

 My final favorite is the heaviest of the four—hematite- which has been called the preeminent grounding stone. A mineral form of iron oxide, it is a naturally softer stone; it is typically crushed and reconstituted with a binding agent into matte or shiny beads and other shapes. It is very effective in grounding, protecting and bringing your body-mind-spirit into alignment. A no-nonsense stone, it is the densest and heaviest of my recommendations, and certain forms can exhibit magnetic properties. Some people can find it too energizing to wear, while for others, it is a signature go-to companion.

Physically and mentally, hematite is said to encourage vitality, courage, energy, mental focus, clarity, concentration and drive. Emotionally, it improves confidence and willpower and is a great aid for manifesting a higher purpose through our physical existence. Spiritually, it is excellent for drawing negativity away, and balancing both the yin-yang and the aura. An invaluable ally in shining our soul light into this world.

Finally, I would like to sing the praises of my favorite metal- copper. As an excellent conductor of energy, copper is a healing marvel that can transfer a variety of vibrational energies to the wearer and then circulate them throughout the body. It links the energies of heaven and earth and is excellent for manifestation, invention and creativity. Like the other four grounders above, copper also resonates with the Earth element, while it enhances the energy of any stone paired with it. Because of the way it amps and coordinates the energy of the stones, we often add one hand forged copper bead to our grounding bracelets.

Grounding stones are an essential ally in manifesting our goals and dreams and supporting our journey here on earth. Other stones, such as all varieties of jasper, are also very good at grounding us through the base chakra and connecting us to Earth energies. The four stones and one metal listed above particularly resonate with me as we begin a new year filled with unlimited potential to align to our true nature and shine our light into the world. Intrinsically and unfailingly, you will know which one or ones are the perfect companions for you. Now more than ever, it’s a great time to grab one and set sail for a bright new adventure in 2017.


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