Time for Joy, Magic & Inspiration! by Bridgette Raitz on 7/4/2017

Summer is a time to turn up the heat and let loose!  With a little less structure and time deadlines, we are often able to kick back, unplug, and hopefully, tune our dials to what wakes our spirits and makes life an adventure. With these feelings of joy, inspiration and magic in mind, I have selected some delightful stones to highlight, including one of my all-time favorites, labradorite.  Discovered in 1770 and named for the Labrador peninsula in Canada where it was found, this stone brings the magic!  While it may sometimes look very unassuming, labradorite changes in the light, revealing amazing flashes of color- typically from green to blue or orange to gold- called "labradorescence". Besides helping us awake to our innate abilities, it is also a very protective stone. (It is the lovely bracelet in the middle above.)

Labradorite allows you to move between worlds.  It is excellent for increasing self-awareness, amplifies healing and enhances psychic abilities.  It is a stone of magic, awakening the knowledge of the magic powers within each of us. An amazing companion to self discovery, it can aid in releasing the tendency to try to control others, help us recognize the egoic influence on patterned behavior and aid in shifting the focus to self-mastery. Wearing labradorite can help you remember the different layers of “reality”, affording strength to stand with a foot in both worlds.  It is said that labradorite increases vision with the inner eye to higher awareness.  What a great stone to open us and help bring the joy and adventure!

Hemimorphite, another lovely stone for Summer, is a light activating stone that integrates light into the energetic, emotional and physical bodies, improving overall well being on many levels and balancing the aura. It brings a vibration of joy that is emotionally healing, calming and balancing while dissolving negativity. Hemimorphite is said to allow a flow of emotion that helps you communicate your honest feelings- and to recognize core issues that are in need of attention. This stone promotes compassionate empathy for all souls- including your own, allowing release and forgiveness. It vibrates at a frequency that can clear, balance and energize the heart, throat and third-eye chakras. Hemimorphite is said to build bridges between hearts.

Hemimorphite is also said to help some people develop as mediums and channels, opening the way to their psychic talents and visionary abilities. The vibration of the stone attracts spirit guides and angelic beings. Hemimorphite relates to the 4th (heart), 5th (throat), 6th (third eye), 7th (crown) and 8th and etheric chakras.

Heading to the golden tones of Summer are two other great stones for inspiration, crazy lace agate. It is a banded form of agate that ranges from black and brown to yellow and cream. While it is a balancing and protective stone, it also promotes mental agility, liveliness and stimulates the need for variety or sampling what life has to offer. It can bring laughter and absorb emotional pain while allowing one to stay focused. The warm and protective powers of crazy lace agate are a great companion when you want to amp your self-confidence while feeling secure.  It's cousin, fire agate (pictured right), is a stone of eternal youth that brings passion, vitality and joy for living. It aids all manifestation, including creativity and expression. A warming stone, fire agate is said to stoke interest in life, increasing physical and sexual energy. A wonderful companion that can help you embrace life and stay grounded in joy.

Finally, I'd like to mention another favorite, pyrite. This is a wonderful stone for increasing physical vitality and creative energy. It enhances will power and can screen out negative, self-defeating energy. It aids in establishing healthy habits, confidence and a positive outlook. Pyrite is said to strengthen mental focus and clarity, making it a powerful manifestation stone. By connecting with the energy of the Earth, it soothes anxiety and fear and refreshes and rebalances the auric field. Pyrite is also wonderful in meditation.

Choose one or choose them all!  Any of these amazing stones are the perfect companions to bring along this summer, or anytime you find some downtime to kick back, relax and enjoy all the sizzle, fun and excitement that life has to offer.