May is the Month to Marry Your Heart and Voice by Bridgette Raitz on 4/30/2017

May is traditionally a month of celebrations, signaling a new path in life.  Whether for weddings or graduations, we often associate this month with joyfully embarking on a new endeavor.  Given the awakening world we are living in that needs all of us to shine the light of who we really are, why not designate May as the month to marry your heart and voice?  It's time to focus on speaking our truth first and foremost with love, compassion, conviction and authenticity!

By divine design, a number of gorgeous stones in the blue and green rays can be marvelous companions on this new walk of speaking our truth with love.  And not surprisingly, these stones are the first ones that most women are drawn to when they enter my booth at a show.  The synchronicity is amazing!  Though there are a number of stones that can help us diplomatically hold healthy boundaries, release judgment of ourselves and others and authentically relay our stories, I wanted to highlight a few below.  

Prehnite is an amazing stone that offers joy to the heart and peace to the mind. As it links the heart with the will, it helps you stay in the present moment. In this way, it quiets restlessness, grounds nervous energy and soothes worry. It facilitates clear emotions and allows communication in a non-judgmental way. Prehnite helps wash debris from the emotional aura, replacing balance.

 Prehnite as a stone of intuition and magic is a wonderful tool in meditation that aids in contact with other dimensions- including accessing spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. Wonderful in meditation, it can open you to hear inner guidance and wisdom for your Highest Self and others. (Interestingly, it is also said to help pyschics and other intuitives in their readings.) With its heart connection and emphasis in the 3rd and 4th chakras, prehnite can also help you open to nature, and enhance your heart connection to the planet.

On a physical level, prehnite is said to purify the digestive system, kidneys, liver and gallbladder, opening the flow of chi throughout the body.

A stone referenced in ancient times, Amazonite was used over 4,000 years ago in Egypt. It is a harmonious stone that increases self-acceptance and encourages us to see the perspectives of others, as a path to working together. It promotes peace and allows truth to come to the surface –uniting us with the various aspects of ourselves and with others. In this way, it is excellent for bringing consciousness to the forefront in both dreams and meditation. Amazonite promotes speaking your truth diplomatically and effectively, helps quell the fear of conflict and encourages setting and holding healthy boundaries- with ourselves and with others.

Amazonite is a stone of courage and hope believed to be named after legendary Amazon women warriors. By helping you recognize and speak your truth with clarity, amazonite is also an excellent manifestation stone. It is excellent in helping you communicate higher truths and higher knowledge learned. On the physical side, Amazonite is said to help with healing from trauma or injury, with arthritis, gout, hair loss and also aids in balancing the thyroid and adrenals.



Blue lace agate is a wonderful stone that opens the throat chakra, connecting our communication with higher guidance. In this way, it is said to help in more discerning and effective communication, especially for those who have trouble speaking up or making themselves heard. (Conversely, it can also help those who speak before thinking, and those who talk too much.) Also calm and uplifting, blue lace agate fosters peace and tranquility- essential in difficult and emotional situations. It is considered a stone of the peacemaker that helps you think diplomatically on your feet.

 For those who are continually speaking in their professions- such as teachers, lecturers and presenters—blue lace agate can assist in effective and clear communication. In addition, while blue lace agate can enhance the confidence to speak your truth, it can also help with the clarity to hold it unwavering in your thoughts. As such, this is a great companion for positive affirmations! Like other agates, it is slow and steady in helping us make progress. On the physical side, it is said to soothe sore throats, laryngitis, thyroid problems, stress and headaches.



Aqua aura quartz is a wonderful blend of nature and science (clear quartz treated with pure gold atoms at high temperatures leaving a lasting radiant color) and has a high, intense vibration that is spiritually protective. Aqua Aura is a stone of spiritual elevation that allows us to raise our vibration and encourages us to speak our truth with compassion. This lovely stone assists us in releasing anger, anxiety and fear. It can sooth and repair the aura and release negativity as it activates the energy of other stones.   Aqua aura has a soothing, high intense energy that promotes abundance and gratitude, peace and wellbeing.

 Aqua aura shares a number of properties of aquamarine, encouraging us to speak your inner truth, while it soothes and calms the emotional body. It is excellent for divine communication and can enhance meditation.


Turquoise is associated with the sky and is a stone that will help you in finding and speaking your truth. One of the oldest known stones used, it is a stone of wholeness, beneficial to one’s whole self and vitality, as well as calming and balancing to the spirit. Turquoise improves communication of our highest truths, compassion and releases the need to judge. It allows us to see the benefit of our mistakes, and accept them as a perfect part of who we are and who we are to become. It is said to increase vitality, relieve stress, protect against pollution, and bring abundance. 

Yellow Turquoise is a jasper/serpentine stone with hematite webbing, rather than a true turquoise. It is said to be helpful for enhancing communication, intuition, and creativity. It is also used to bring wisdom particularly through meditation. Yellow Turquoise is said to increase serenity via balance, honesty, and an ability to adjust to changes in life. It is also used as a protection stone, that brings an increase of personal power and energy by protecting the same. It is considered a wonderful general healing stone by many. Yellow Turquoise is also said to bring positive energy and sensitivity.

It is worth noting that there are amazing stones such as larimar, raw sapphite, lapis and sodalite that are also loving companions that can support speaking truth with love.  The daily headlines provide us with wonderful motivation to marry our heart and voice as we shine our lights. No time like the turbulent present to bring these ideas to bear!

 Note: And now for a disclaimer, which you may read out loud in a furiously fast and annoying voice like the drug commercials on tv: While it is our opinion that crystals, gemstones and metals have healing properties, they are not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for care provided by a medical doctor or mental health professional. Any of our products are sold “as is” without any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.