November is the Month to Marry Your Heart and Mind by Bridgette Raitz on 11/1/2017

With all the roller coaster events that bombard us everyday, it’s easy to slip either into a mental framework that analyzes, categorizes and judges what we see or lead with a purely emotional reaction.  When we don't discern what's happening with both our heart and mind, we diminish the powerful connection to our “higher heart”—the source of who we truly are at a soul level. We believe that the best way to "see" what's really happening is to open to the wisdom of both our heart and mind.  With two "hustle and bustle" months to go before we can settle into the restoration of winter and a brand new year, it’s a wonderful time to marry the two!

Some stones are specifically helpful in unlocking the wisdom of the heart for clarity and insight. Not surprisingly, they reside in the deep blue/purple ray and include lapis, sodalite, iolite, and blue kyanite. My final favorites for this melding are nurturing, freshwater pearls, calmly stocked full of divine feminine wisdom.

Gorgeous and powerful, lapis lazuli is an excellent stone for stimulating the higher mind and psychic abilities at the third eye. It is sometimes found with inclusions of pyrite or white calcite, which add their own unique properties to the mix. In times dating back to the ancient Egyptians, lapis was considered a stone of royalty and spirituality that inlaid tombs and decorated the dead. It was also used as a medicine, carried as a talisman and even ground for cosmetics. Many ancient civilizations, including China, valued this blue stone for its beauty and properties.

 By increasing spiritual insight, lapis helps one identify the karmic roots of situations, and is particularly helpful in past life recall—especially for past lives spent in Egypt and Atlantis. Lapis is also a stone for intellectual ability and assists in seeing the truth and articulating it. Working with this stone helps to awaken the higher mind and psychic abilities, making it excellent for students, seekers and teachers of all ages.

 Another blue lovely, sodalite is a stone of insight that helps one recognize patterns. It enhances the mental powers of focus, observation and creativity. Sodalite promotes self-discipline and organization. It is a stone for an inner journey to psychic vision that sparks “aha” moments and hunches-improving intuition and insight. It is said to give the wearer confidence in their inner knowing and can facilitate deep meditation. This makes sodalite great for recalling dreams and lucid dreaming.

Sodalite is also said to reduce anxiety and stress by seeing from a higher, soul perspective. It can help one perceive where your path lies. From a physical perspective, it is said to improve cellular hydration and regulate blood pressure and ease water retention. Sodalite harmonizes well with iolite, lapis, blue sapphire and blue quartz for insight, intuition and mental ability.

 Another favorite of mine, iolite is a wonderful visionary stone for creativity and shamanic journeying. Because it raises the vibration with lovely violet-blue energy, it helps in understanding what we came here to learn, as well as awakening any psychic talents. It opens one to communication with higher realms, and can also quiet the mind, especially in times of adversity. Iolite is great for past life retrieval, with special emphasis from times of the legends regarding King Arthur and the Knights Templar.

It is wonderful stone for writers and artists who want to communicate a higher vision. Because it clarifies and stills the mind, it is an excellent stone for meditation. It helps one become calm, focused and centered to enter into a meditative state. On the physical level, it is said to help with eye healing, memory and sleep issues. Iolite carries the energy of twilight and harmonizes well with other violet ray stones such as amethyst, lapis, azurite and tanzanite. Hematite is a good coordinating stone for grounding.

The frequency of iolite connects to the third eye chakra, opening and activating this chakra, so that one has an awareness of higher dimensional energies. It aids one’s inner vision so that one is able to have insights into past emotional experiences and “see” how they integrate into one’s growth in this lifetime. The energy of iolite supports one’s intuition and psychic awareness to bring forth ideas and guidance and illuminate higher dimensional reasoning.

 Blue kyanite is also excellent for opening the mind with its higher vibration. It can facilitate rapid transfers of knowledge from the Universe and makes telepathic communication easier. It is an excellent stone for lucid dreaming. Kyanite can create energy pathways and is considered a stone of bridging or connection. It is a wonderful companion to have in a dispute or diplomatic mission as it builds bridges between different people and even between different aspects of one’s self. Kyanite can open psychic ability, telepathy and communication with other realms. Especially when used in conjunction with green kyanite, it helps bring the mind and heart into resonance.

And finally, freshwater pearls ---- so perfect as we head into the holidays. These lovelies are said to enhance truth and sincere communications. Pearls also calm and balance both the physical and emotional bodies. Extremely feminine in nature, freshwater pearls are connected to the moon and are very nurturing.

These wonderful stones, along with many others, are great companions to have and to hold as you remember to meld your higher heart and mind. They can be heard more clearly in the stillness where your body, mind and soul meet. Take them along when you take time to reflect on the wonder that you are and honor your oneness with all that is. Then cruise your way to a brand new year!

Note: And now for a disclaimer, which you may read out loud in a furiously fast voice like the drug commercials on tv: While it is our opinion that crystals, gemstones and metals have healing properties, they are not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for care provided by a medical doctor or mental health professional. Any of our products are sold “as is” without any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Well done.