Time to Fly! by Bridgette Raitz on 9/27/2017

As the long balmy days of summer start to slowly fade to the glorious days of autumn, I always get a wonderful feeling that magic is coming.  Maybe it's that Halloween- my favorite holiday- is around the corner.  The site of swirling leaves and pumpkins and the scent of wood smoke and apples makes me feel it's time to get totally grounded in my confidence and start manifesting!  It seems the perfect time to fly-- just take off and see those dreams take shape!

There are fortunately some wonderful stone allies who can help you in this endeavor.  They can assist you in manifesting your dreams with confidence and courage.  Interestingly, many of these magic makers are in the red-orange-gold colors, just like the colors that contribute to the magnificence of fall.  Some of my favorites include:

Carnelian.  This stone is a translucent chalcedony that is colored by hematite.  Carnelian carries life force that enhances the creative and sexual energy and will. For those seeking confidence, courage, power and passion, carnelian increases the zest for living. It is a great stone to wear when taking a leap of faith, working on something creative or setting a new course as it stimulates one to work toward their goals and stop procrastinating. It is also said to strengthen the physical body with life giving energy and vitality. A wonderful stone if you want to manifest your highest goals and dreams.

You can find it in stones, beads and in pendants making it an easy access companion.


Imperial Gold Quartz.  This lovely is a stunner and is also called tangerine aura quartz.  The warmth and confidence reflects right back at you!

A miracle of earth and science, imperial gold or tangerine aura quartz is created when clear quartz points are bonded at extremely high temperatures with atomized gold, iron oxide and copper, resulting in a permanent, beautiful orange iridescent color. It is said to blend the heart and solar plexus chakras, for a wonderful balance of love and manifestation, along with amplified creativity. It is said to increase your awareness of your powers of co-creation, generosity and altruistic motivation. Additionally, it is believed to shield you from negativity and increase positive feelings of self-esteem and healing. On the physical side, it is said to stimulate circulation, and aid in cellular regeneration and energy. Finally, this quartz is supposed to be wonderful for meditation.

Like carnelian, you can find it in a variety of jewelry and stone forms.

Citrine.  A stone of creativity and imagination. It reminds us of the love and support of the universe --making it an excellent ally when overcoming difficult situations. Citrine supports physical strength and energy while it magnifies personal will, increases mental clarity, creativity, optimism and happiness.

There are two types of citrine on the market--- natural citrine, which is a smoky golden color, and heat-treated citrine, which is actually amethyst heated to high temperatures resulting in a brighter yellow-orange color. Both have wonderful properties that can assist you in using your imagination to translate your dreams and goals into tangible reality. Natural citrine is wonderful for manifestation, helping one overcome obstacles and difficulties along the path. Heat-treated citrine brings a glowing light energy to the aura and encourages optimism and releasing negativity.

On the physical side, natural citrine is said to enhance stamina, energy and proper metabolism. Heat-treated citrine is said to be good for digestive issues and supports weight loss. We have some wonderful citrine jewelry, as well as some gorgeous natural pieces from Namibia.

Red and Brecciated Jasper. First, jasper has been recognized since ancient times as a very nurturing and healing stone that is strongly connected to Earth energy.   All varieties of jasper are spirit stones that encourage wisdom and courage.  A microcrystalline form of quartz, jasper can include up to 20% of other materials, making it very colorful and diverse. Within the wide range of colors and patterns of jasper, all are very beneficial for grounding, stability and strength. Jasper is a wonderful stone that helps align all the chakras and balance the yin/yang energies. With its many varieties, Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”.  In times of stress, it helps brings tranquility and wholeness.  Jasper also provides protection and absorbs negative energy.  The stone is also said to clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution.

Each type of jasper carries additional properties. Red jasper is said to be especially good for physical strength and vitality: it adds a passion and joy to life, as well as the energy and drive to move toward your dreams. It opens and stimulates the base chakra and stabilizes the body’s energy, allowing a more free flow of chi. In fact, it is said to so stabilize energy, that others in proximity may be affected as well. Red jasper is said to enhance memory and aid in manifesting creative ideas. It brings discipline and staying power to the creative process. Additionally, this stone is believed to provide extra support when recovering from the weakness of an illness. Great for weight lifters, red jasper enhances the effects of exercise in a slow and steady way. Finally, the stone is said to help stabilize pregnancies and promote robust fetal growth.

Brecciated Jasper is a helpful grounding stone that aids in health and organization abilities. Besides the inherent properties of jasper outlined below, It can help one in developing creativity and with finding outlets for its expression. The hematite within Brecciated Jasper acts as a deflector of negativity. Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality and can be used to help bring mental clarity and focus to a scattered life. These jaspers come in stones and in jewelry, making them easy to find and get to know.

And last, but not least, bumble bee jasper from Australia encourages a zest for life, optimism and confidence. It is said to remove creative energy blocks and improve vitality as it supports the sacral and solar plexus chakras. This stone is an excellent one for joy, mental clarity and manifestation.

Amber, red coral, ruby, fire agate, hematite and pyrite are also wonderful stones that are excellent for helping with the inspiration, confidence and courage needed to take off and soar. The time is now---- it's time to fly!