Stroll with Your Soul in April by Bridgette Raitz on 4/1/2018

April is one of my favorite months.  In Atlanta, it's not too hot--it's not too cold--it's typically just right!  Perfect for a long stroll in Mother Nature, who is expanding and blooming like mad after her long winter's nap.  Early enough for a lovely wind to take your mind swirling down the path of discovery, picking up speed after the reflective time just passed. For those who really want to explore their karmic and past-life roots, and make some progress in self-discovery, there are some wonderful and ancient stone companions who can help stroll with your soul this month.

Petrified wood is one of my new favorites.  Maybe it's the amazing array of colors, or the shapes and sizes in which you find it.  Or maybe it's the solid vibration that makes it the perfect one to hold when falling into a lucid dream--- a comforting and grounding anchor. Petrified wood, also referred to as fossilized or agatized wood, is actually a variety of quartz that forms with the remains of wood.  This is an ancient and patient stone that is a valuable ally on the slow and steady path of awakening.  It aids one in standing tall and serene through changing times, and keeping to one’s own path, while accessing the lessons of our soul throughout time. 

Petrified wood is said to aid in accessing ancient wisdom, in past life recall, and assist in incorporating the wisdom discovered into the present day, breaking negative ancestral patterns. It is also said to be wonderful for earth healers and for all types of physical healing as well. To top that off, it's plentiful, colorful and just plain gorgeous.  Win-win-win!

Ammonites and their cousins ammolites, are two other lovelies that can be extremely helpful in unwinding ancestral, past-life or current patterns that no longer serve. Ammonites are actually fossils that are millions of years old, dating back before the dinosaurs.  It is said that these “stones” radiate optimism from the earth itself, bringing luck as well as prosperity in all things.  A very spiritual stone, ammonites can be used to assist one in finding the proper way down the coiled, spiral spiritual pathway to one’s center.  They help us to unwind patterns that no longer serve us, allowing new helpful opportunities to emerge. In some ways, they are a wonderful filter to screen out negative energies.

An ammolite is an iridescent or opalized ammonite fossil, typically found in the US, Madagascar or Canada. The rainbow seen is from the mother of pearl, the substance that made up the animal's shell. This later fossilized and other layers of minerals added onto the shell and became aragonite. Interestingly, an ammolite is one of a number of special gemstones produced by living organisms.  Others include amber and pearls. Ammonites have a protective energy and add stability and enhance flow.

Due to the fact that ammonites and ammolites were once living beings, they are connected to Akasha, the fifth element.  They are said to be wonderful for visioning and dreams.

  Indigo gabbro, also called mystic merlinite by some, is another new favorite of mine that is an excellent companion when we explore our shadow selves. This lovely purple to black stone aids in illuminating, healing and accepting the “darker” aspects of ourselves which contribute to our choices and path.  It assists in tapping into intuition, and opening to the higher self. Not only is the stone a beautiful darker hue, it reminds us to love all aspects of ourselves- whether they be dark and heavy, or light and loving. Very grounding, indigo gabbro is said to help in receiving clearer messages in dream work and meditation, making it a powerful ally in self-discovery. 

This delightfully rich stone is found in Madagascar and comes in many forms- hearts, spheres, palm stones or in raw form.

Auralite 23 is another lovely addition to any stone lover's collection. This wonderful stone from Canada is billions of years old and is comprised of amethyst and many other minerals- way more than the 23 referred to when it was initially named.  This composition makes this a very powerful clearing stone that helps activate your knowledge and intuition and extends your reach to your higher self.  Auralite 23 is an excellent aid in meditation, comprehensive healing and developing and enhancing psychic gifts.  It is a very effective ally in removing the layers to linking the heart and mind. Though not the prettiest of stones, this is a powerful specimen.  


Finally, it's always great to have a strong and nurturing grounding stone when you sail off on a path to self-discovery.  Garnet is just the one to take along. This lovely, supportive, protective stone, in varying hues and types ranging from deep red to green to brown to black, enhances vitality, endurance and joy, while it activates and strengthens the base chakra. This is a wonderful stone for those who feel ungrounded or lack energy. Garnets have dense energies—which you may sense based on the comforting weight along- that help keep one firmly grounded in the body while also offering psychic protection. It is aligned with the base chakra and Earth element. For those seeking more abundance of any type, garnets carry prosperity energy that can help ground dreams into the earth plane.  Additionally, garnet is a strongly regenerative healing stone that encourages you to clear karmic patterns, and take time to love and support yourself.

It's a wonderful time to take a walk outside and breathe in the universe and open to the knowledge that awaits you.  Why not dedicate some time to exploring your path as a unique, well-loved, and eternally supported soul on the journey of a lifetime?  Stones, such as these and many others, can make excellent companions along the way.