Stones for Action- Ready, Set, Go! by Bridgette Raitz on 7/22/2018

For the past several months, I have been writing about going within, spending time with your inner guidance and weathering the changes that are flooding our world.  This month, I am being told it's time to get out there and get into the mix, bringing your courage, confidence and blazing light to bear!  Whether it's a new venture, exploring a dream, starting a new job or walking into a new school, or getting out of your comfort zone in even the smallest way, there's no better time than the present to take one last look at those well-worn plans, and GO! Since it's smart to start any journey with the right gear, we'd like to recommend a few stone companions that can help you spring forward, sustain your progress, clear any blocks that come up, and encourage some joy and fun along the way! Let the exhilaration and excitement begin!

First up, that gorgeous and plentiful action-packed beauty, carnelian. This stone is a form of translucent chalcedony that is colored by hematite (iron oxide) and ranges from pale brown-orange to red. Carnelian carries life force that enhances the creative and sexual energy and will.  For those seeking confidence, courage, power and passion, carnelian increases the zest for living.  It is a great stone to wear when taking a leap of faith, working on something creative or setting a new course as it stimulates one to work toward their goals and stop procrastinating.  It is also said to strengthen the physical body with life giving energy and vitality. A wonderful stone if you want to manifest your highest goals and dreams.

Other amazing allies to invite along on our journey?  Orange or golden calcite! The orange variety is excellent for motivation and energy, especially in relation to creative and sexual areas, among others.  It is excellent for breaking blocks to progress and can help us see a problem through fresh eyes.  Also good for helping in healing long-standing emotional issues.  This lively stone encourages playfulness, joy and confidence to enjoy life.

Golden calcite is a wonderful stimulant of will, helping you follow through on goals and dreams.  As it helps tune to higher mental planes, it is excellent for manifesting creative pursuits and instilling optimism and vitality.  Wonderful in meditation, it can be deeply relaxing, allowing you to hear your inner guidance more clearly.

For those that are still sticking their toes in the water, and afraid to turn what seems like an unrealistic step into action, reach for a chrysanthemum stone. These stones can help breathe life into our dormant or latent abilities by awakening the sleeping potential in each of us.  Chrysanthemum stones offer the energy, drive and courage to pursue long held or newly discovered and acknowledged dreams.  They are also magnets for positive synchronicities—helping us as we finally start off on the path at last.

What about when hurtles or blocks to progress pop up?  We recommend picasso jasper, named for the prolific master himself. This stone is wonderful for meditation, which is the perfect place to go when noodling on a problem. Picasso jasper aids in transformation and helps dissolve creative blocks, which can help you get your mojo going again.  It also is said to send you on the right path in relationships, which are typically an integral part of any new endeavor.  Picasso jasper is also grounding and calming, and helps to strengthen resolve and self-discipline. It is a stone that reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life.

Need more fuel to keep going when the newness begins to wear off?  Sunstone is a great option! This gorgeous orange to red-orange stone is said to increase personal power and freedom.  It reflects the solar qualities of warmth, strength, and kindles the fires of servant leadership.  Sunstone has a rich positive energy that brings the wisdom of the heart into line with the mind.  It fires up enlightened leaders, creative individuals and is an excellent stone for discernment in business.  It is also said to reduce procrastination, leading to intentional manifestation.  Sunstone is also said to warm the body, and increase metabolism and digestion. Win-win!

And finally, to keep all that wonderful energy moving, we would suggest adding some copper into the mix! As an excellent conductor of energy, copper is a healing marvel that can transfer a variety of vibrational energies to the wearer and then circulate them throughout the body.  It links the energies of heaven and earth and is excellent for manifestation, invention and creativity. Like grounding stones, copper also resonates with the Earth element, while it enhances the energy of any stone paired with it. 

If you have sensed that it is time to get moving and make your presence known, these warm, confident stones are just the right companions for the journey! They can be carried in pockets or purses, worn in a variety of jewelry pieces, and also displayed where you work, play or meditate.  No matter which ones you choose, they will support, encourage and inspire you to keep going and make your light shine.