Stones for Turbulent Times- Bring on the Insight, Wisdom and Clarity! by Bridgette Raitz on 6/27/2018

As an American this past month, it’s hard not to notice the turbulent times we are experiencing. Whether it’s the cruel crisis ripping families apart at the border, disagreement with long-standing allies or the tribalism separating friends and neighbors, there is a lot of unrest and change. So, how to tap into your soul for a higher, more insightful perspective that cools, soothes and relieves? First, reach for some lovely blue stones, that align the mind with the soul’s higher wisdom. Then, snuggle with some warm brown stones that ground, comfort and protect.  These companions make a great one-two punch when the world seems crazy and upside down!  Fortunately, there are a number of beautiful choices out there, which not coincidentally, are abundant and affordable. Let’s start with one of my blue ray favorites, sodalite.

A  lovely blue to blue grey stone with touches of white calcite, this ally is named for its sodium content. Sodalite is a stone of insight that helps recognize patterns- both in what is happening today and what repeats in your personal history.  It enhances the mental powers of focus, observation and creativity. As an extra added bonus, sodalite promotes self-discipline and organization.  It is a stone for an inner journey to psychic vision that sparks “aha” moments and hunches---improving intuition and insight.  It is said to give the wearer confidence in their inner knowing and can facilitate deep meditation.  This makes sodalite great for recalling dreams and lucid dreaming. Sodalite is also said to reduce anxiety and stress by helping us see from a higher, soul perspective, perfect when the events unfolding all around us seem so negative and out of control. On a more personal level, sodalite can help you perceive where your path lies and insight on where to begin.  From a physical perspective, it is said to improve cellular hydration and regulate blood pressure and ease water retention. Sodalite harmonizes well with other stones in the blue-purple ray, including my next favorite, lapis.


Gorgeous and powerful, lapis lazuli is an excellent stone for stimulating the higher mind and psychic abilities at the third eye. It is sometimes found with inclusions of pyrite or white calcite, which add their own unique properties to the mix.  In times dating back to the ancient Egyptians, lapis was considered a stone of royalty and spirituality that inlaid tombs and decorated the dead. It was also used as a medicine, carried as a talisman and even ground for cosmetics. Many ancient civilizations, including China, valued this blue stone for its beauty and properties.

By increasing spiritual insight, lapis helps you identify the karmic roots of situations, and is particularly helpful in past life recall—especially for past lives spent in Egypt and Atlantis. Lapis is also a stone for intellectual ability and assists in seeing the truth and articulating it.  Working with this stone helps to awaken the higher mind and psychic abilities, making it excellent for students, seekers and teachers of all ages. After you've gained some insight from sodalite and some wisdom from lapis, it's time to explore and sharpen your psychic "sight" with dumortierite, which pairs especially well with ....lapis.


Dumortierite, named after the French paleontogist who discovered it, enhances metal functioning and opens the wearer to insights (there is a theme here!).  It is also good for awakening emotional intelligence and enhances psychic abilities.  It improves willpower to learn, making it excellent for students and anyone working on memory retention.  Dumortierite is an excellent link between intellect and the higher mind.  It can cut through barriers and remove mental blockages to self-knowledge.  This stone is said to aid those who need more focus and clarity and is said to provide divine inspiration. Like sodalite, it can enhance organization, self discipline and orderliness. 

So, with allies to enhance insight, wisdom and mental clarity, where to next?  Zip right over to blue calcite, for a cool breeze and a dose of optimism in the storm. Blue calcite is very calming for anxiety and worry.  (It is said to be an excellent companion when recuperating as it facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and easing emotional trauma.)  Blue calcite also encourages calm communication, even as it enhances intuition.  A wonderful stone for students, blue calcite aids memory retention and stimulates effective and active learning. This lovely stone can help open you to a more optimistic point of view so you can see the perfection of the Universe in play even in trying situations.  On a physical level, blue calcite is said to help alleviate pain and lower blood pressure.


Finally, I suggest two warm and comforting yet very powerful companions, smoky quartz and tiger eye. Rich, light gold-to-dark brown smoky quartz is not only an excellent grounding stone, but it is also purifying and protective and can transmute negative energies, including radiation.  It assists in manifesting the spiritual in the physical, including supporting spiritual beings who need to be more grounded into the physical life.  For those with specific goals, it can assist in drawing ethereal ideas into manifestation, and is wonderful at enhancing practicality and organization—a great plus for students of all ages. (As an aside, it is also said that when wearing or holding smoky quartz with golden rutiles, you are more likely to see ghosts, fairies, and spirit guides. Sign me up!)

Smoky quartz corresponds with the Earth element and base chakra.  It is a superb antidote to stress, grounds spiritual energy and neutralizes negative vibrations.  A great companion as you leave behind what no longer serves you.  This stone is said to relieve pain, including headaches and cramps.

And last but certainly not least, tiger eye is an excellent stone for staying grounded and calm.  It energizes the body to answer the will- leading to practicality and action.  Tiger eye is also a stone of balance, that aids in processing paradoxes and finding common ground. It is said to support physical vitality, metabolism and non-judgment.  A stone of the solar ray, tiger eye is a great stone for warmth and compassion in action and connected to unconditional love. Perfect when we need to find a way to move forward together to solve our problems thoughtfully --- and with the recognition that we are all one.

Regardless of where you see the current situation in the world, it's clear that there are many challenges and sea-changes afoot.  From a soul perspective, it's critical to remember that there is no need for fear, judgment or other negative emotions.  Keep shining and bringing your special light to the world!  It's needed now more than ever.  And when you need support to keep that light burning brightly, take some time out, turn inward and establish a strong and nurturing alignment with spirit. Turn to those people, practices, places and companions that will stand strong with you as we ride out this storm to a brighter and calmer day. This too shall pass.