March is the Month to Refresh and Reboot! by Bridgette Raitz on 2/27/2018

March begins with my mother's birthday and ends with mine. This has always made it a favorite month for me, but it's also special because it feels full of possibilities.  Whether it's a slightly warmer wind that ruffles your scarf, or flower buds that form and tentatively start to open and expand in the longer daylight hours, this month provides us with many opportunities to begin again.

After a rough couple of months since the holidays, I am ready to hit the refresh key and reboot the year!  An early Spring --at least in the South- seems ready to meet me with possibilities and ample opportunities to move forward. With this in mind, I wanted to highlight a few great ways to partner with our stone companions to welcome the magic!

Clear quartz is a perennial favorite and a must-have for even the casual stone lover. (We include at least one piece in each of our new Stone Bags of Goodness.) Whether from Arkansas, Brazil or Madagascar, it is available in many shapes, sizes and price points. Clear quartz fills the aura with light, and clears and protects from negativity.  It promotes spiritual awareness and growth.  Clear quartz is also healing, and amplifies the properties of other stones. It is an excellent energy balancer, and can enhance spiritual abilities.

Even better?  It's programmable, meaning that you can partner with it on your intentions.  Clear quartz from Arkansas seems to have the liveliest vibration and is thought by some to be the most easily programmed.  Brazilian quartz has the smoothest vibration and is brimming with energy.  Finally, quartz from Madagascar carries an ancient energy that helps us explore and learn from the past.  Combinations of one, two or all three are delightful! 

Labradorite is another all-time favorite that helps to amp the magic and synchronicities that are all around us.  Also readily available in many sizes and shapes, this delightful companion flashes with brilliance-- often in shades of blue or gold--that appear hidden within the stone just waiting to be noticed in the proper light. Much like hidden possibilities, right?

Labradorite is an amazing stone that allows you to move between worlds.  It is excellent for increasing self-awareness, amplifies healing and enhances psychic abilities.  It is a stone of magic, awakening the knowledge of the magic in each of us. An amazing companion to self discovery, it can aid in releasing the tendency to try to control others, recognize the egoic influence on patterned behavior and can aid one in shifting the focus to self-mastery. Wearing labradorite can help you remember the different layers of “reality”, affording strength to stand with a foot in both worlds.  

Another delightful and magical companion is lepidolite.  This stone is especially soothing and calming, helping us settle and see the magic all around us, as well as open to the possibilities. 

Lepidolite is a lithium-bearing mineral that ranges from a lovely pink to purple to lavender.  It is a stone of willing acceptance, perfect for life’s difficult times.  Lepidolite has a calm, clearing energy that helps break blocks, dispel negative thoughts, release stress and can even soothe deeply-held emotional traumas.  It connects to the heart chakra to bring calming and relaxing energy, making it a stone of serenity.  Lepidolite is also centering and balancing for the emotions, helping to dispel fear, guilt, worry, resentment and even illuminate the “victim mentality”.  It can draw the emotional body away from extremes, while it activates the heart to bring in more loving energy for yourself and others. A lovely stone to have and hold, or even put in your bath, when dreaming up the next big thing!

And finally, in a soft blue green that is the perfect tone for Spring, another lucky stone, aventurine!  This lovely is an all-around utility player--- great for abundance, manifestation and luck! 

Green aventurine is a wonderful stone that is said to reduce stress, increase confidence, fire up imagination and enhance prosperity. This is a happy stone, giving the wearer a zeal for life and assisting them in taking even challenging situations in stride.  Aventurine is also great for healing as it infuses life force and increases energy, with a special emphasis on the heart and circulation. 

A combination of water and earth elements, aventurine enhances renewal of physical growth, release of old patterns and renewed hope, optimism and joy. A prosperity stone, aventurine is a great addition to promote abundance or “luck”.  It is a very heart centered stone that helps pave the way to creative solutions.  

These are but a few of the amazing stones that Mother Nature has to offer if you want to refresh and reboot your journey into Spring.  Listen for the one that calls to you!

And now for a disclaimer, which you may read out loud in a furiously fast voice like the myriad and annoying drug commercials on tv: While it is our opinion that crystals, gemstones and metals have healing properties, they are not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for care provided by a medical doctor or mental health professional. Any of our products are sold “as is” without any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Phew- that's done!