Boo! Stones to Ground & Protect by Bridgette Raitz on 9/22/2018

October is a great time to feel a change in the air, revel in the cooler temperatures and vibrant colors, and celebrate! This gorgeous month also hosts my favorite holiday, Halloween---a great time for escapism, dressing up, a delightful nod to the woo-woo side of things, and some really tasty treats!

With so many of us waking up to our true spiritual potential, it's easy to forget that as we shine brighter we draw all kinds of energy to us, some wanted---and some unwanted. Many of us are also empaths, which brings the added challenge of keeping our energy fields free of negative vibes and feelings from others, which are easily picked up.  With all the spooky decorations and earlier darkness that October brings, why not use this time to remember to consciously ground and protect yourself on a regular basis?  One great way to maintain your hard-earned alignment is with some stone companions that can aid in keeping your energy--and only your energy- flowing smoothly.  Most interestingly, these stone can also help you to operate "under the radar" of negative energies or deflect them entirely. That's my kind of "trick"!

As you might imagine, most grounding and protective stones resonate strongly with the base chakra and come to us in dark colors, with the exception of some stones that specialize in psychic protection.  Let's start with one of my favorites and a popular option, black tourmaline. This is a stone of protection that dispels negative energy. It shields against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is cleansing and purifying. Black tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone, that aligns the body and channels light throughout the system. It instills a sense of self-confidence, allowing for a clarity and objectivity. It is normally seen in raw form, and can have various metals mixed in. It is a great stone to place on windowsills, in your car, at your workplace and on you---either in the form of jewelry or in a stone to carry.

Another protective standout?  Black obsidian! This gorgeous stone is another powerful protector from negative energy.  It cleanses the aura of negativity in the form of negative attachments and emotions, disharmony and  counterproductive habits.  All forms of obsidian are extremely strong grounding stones- connecting us to the heart of the Earth. Obsidian is also wonderful for psychic communication and helps in recognizing unconscious patterns that stop us from progressing. (Not to mention, it is the famous "dragon glass" that kills whitewalkers in another favorite of mine, Game of Thrones!) This stone harmonizes with both smoky quartz, jet, moldavite, amber and black tourmaline. Also wonderful to put in a place in which you spend al ot of time or to wear or carry.

Looking for something more in the brown range?  Look no further than rich, gold-to-brown smoky quartz, which is not only an excellent grounding stone, but it is also purifying and protective and can transmute negative energies, including radiation.  It assists in manifesting the spiritual in the physical, including supporting spiritual beings who need to be more grounded into the physical life.  For those with specific goals, it can assist in drawing ethereal ideas into manifestation, and is wonderful at enhancing practicality and organization—a great plus for students of all ages. (As an aside, it is also said that when wearing or holding smoky quartz with golden rutiles, you are more likely to see ghosts, fairies, and spirit guides. Boo!)

Smoky quartz corresponds with the Earth element and base chakra.  It is a superb antidote to stress, grounds spiritual energy and neutralizes negative vibrations.  A great companion as you leave behind what no longer serves you.  This stone is said to relieve pain, including headaches and cramps. Smoky quartz harmonizes with sugilite, black tourmaline, jet, and obsidian and is easily found in polished stones and jewelry.

 Jet is another excellent choice and has been used in scrying for millenia. This super lightweight companion was formed from submerged driftwood in the mud of the sea floor and contains carbon.  Jewelry made of jet has been found as early as 1500 BC.  This powerful stone is said to raise the shakti (the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe) enhancing your ability to manifest and channel this energy into your personal flow.  Jet is also believed to purify the aura and neutralize negative energies.  Jet can also clear other stones and jewelry. 

Jet is a very good talisman to have along when exploring past lives, psychic talents, accessing ancient wisdom and other magical pursuits.  It is a very strong grounding stone that has the added benefit of being purifying and centering as well.  A powerful ally in understanding yourself, events and manifesting what you desire to achieve on your path. Mainly found in stones--- less often in jewelry.

Black onyx, another supreme grounding stone, has been used as a powerful, magical stone for thousands of years.  A form of chalcedony, is a stone of inner strength, personal power and self-mastery that promotes persistence, endurance, mental focus and self-control. By grounding the energy of other stones, it can be very helpful in working with higher energy stones that can overstimulate.  It cools and condenses excess energy.

Onyx is aligned with the Earth element, as well as the root, solar plexus and third eye chakras.  It is a stone that supports physical strength, while encouraging vitality and energy.  Onyx is also said to calm nervousness, relieve physical and emotional stress, calm anxiety and soothe anger. Finally, onyx is said to help balance the yin-yang, bringing us into more balance and alignment. This lovely stone packs some serious power in keeping us grounded on our path and is readily available in many forms.

One final black stone to consider is shungite. It is an ancient stone from the Karelia area of Russia and naturally contains fullerenes, which operate as powerful antioxidants.  Shungite has conductive electrical properties and serves as a shield and protection from electromagnetic radiation. It is also very purifying and healing ---making it an excellent stone for divine expansion. Interestingly, it is said to ground positive spiritual energy and light into the Earth plane. Shungite is also protective and can turn away negative energy- straight back to the sender.

Shungite connects to all chakras and to the elements of fire, wind and storm. This stone clears the energies of the body and opens one to spiritual light. It can free one from negative patterns and energies including disease, emotional issues and all negativity. Shungite helps the ungrounded connect better to life on earth (much like garnets). Very psychically protective. Shungite is a stone of truth allowing you to automatically sense a false statement or thought --helping to dispel self-defeating patterns. It cleanses, balances and aligns all body particles for highest light activation.

These are just some examples of available stone companions.  There are many other stones that ground and protect such as garnet- which helps those that have trouble staying firmly on the earth plane - and malachite-that help you travel under the radar.  Exploration and intuition can discover those stones which are right for you.

 Finally, I wanted to mention fluorite, which is a wonderful stone that is psychically protective, cleanses the aura and can direct you faster along the path to spiritual awakening- a goal for many.  As an excellent protective stone against stressors of varying kinds, it is also wonderful in clearing disorganization.  Fluorite is also an excellent learning aid, and can assist you in seeing patterns that keep repeating. Emotionally, it is stabilizing and balancing and can draw off negative energy--- a real plus in today's environment.

In summary, there are many options of stones that can assist you in grounding and protecting yourself, so your energy flows optimally and your light shines as brightly as possible.  All are readily available in the form of raw or polished stones and many are also made into jewelry, allowing you to surround yourself with plenty of support in these tempestuous- and spooky- times.  Enjoy the coming of cool weather, fun and festivities, and embrace the changes that are coming!