Hopeful Stones for Higher Perspective by Bridgette Raitz on 8/23/2018

 Does the world seem to have gone crazy?  We are constantly bombarded by news that seems to have sped up and gotten more extreme, leaving us to either tune out, power down or just stay mired and spinning in the muck.  What to do when surrounded by ever increasing degrees of crazy negativity?  I suggest it’s time we started looking through a different lens.  One that combines what we can “see” here on the earth plane with our senses, with a larger and higher view from the soul perspective.  Seeing with what Robert Simmons, co-author of The Book of Stones, calls “vertical vision”.  The view from multiple levels of consciousness that expands the perspective of what we “see.”

From this perch, even when things may appear downright discouraging in the earth trenches, a broader and more hopeful view can emerge. To reach this perspective, a wonderful healer I know recommends maintaining your “vertical alignment” that allows us to be connected to both the earth and our higher self, through our heart center. This requires grounding, balancing and expansion, but is well worth it!  How we see things determines not only our reaction- and vibrational pattern that ripples out into the universe sweeping over all things- but how well we can keep our light burning during this transition. Vertical vision is incredibly helpful in “seeing” from a soul perspective.  And some of our favorite stone companions can help you foster and hold this vantage point, even when things shift suddenly.  Let’s start with blue apatite. 

The first thing that strikes most people about blue apatite is how lovely and vibrant it is- an outward representation of some of its inner superpowers.  This stone comes in blue, green and gold, and is found throughout the world.  The blue variety is especially helpful in opening, clearing and stimulating psychic abilities, helping you to see vertically through multiple layers of consciousness.  It is good for lucid dreaming and exploring past lives and how they may be affecting current situations.  Blue apatite can spur “aha!” moments of realization, leading to surprising breakthroughs on difficult problems. 

Strongly connect to the third eye chakra, this lovely and uplifting stone enhances optimism, mental clarify and function, and improves “inner vision”. From a physical perspective, blue apatite is said to be good for headaches, eye problems, and fear of falling or heights (which are often due to events in past lives.) Gorgeous and powerful. 


Another favorite candidate?  Apophyllite. This stone vibrates at higher levels, and assists us in opening “up” to a more expansive view.  Clear apophyllite works well with the third eye and crown chakras, and can clear blocks to our inner vision and enhance psychic abilities, allowing us to expand and see differently.  This stone is said to assist us in connecting with angelic and other interdimensional energies. 

Primarily found in clear and white, apophyllite can also be green in color and is also frequently found with peach colored stilbite (as shown in our picture.) In the green form, apophyllite is more strongly connected to nature and the heart center. Whatever the color, apophyllites infuse the body and aura with high-frequency light energy, opening psychic talents, raising your vibration and improving vision.

 Another terrific ally to open and protect is similar in color to apatite, but translucent.  Aqua aura quartz is a wonderful blend of nature and science (clear quartz treated with pure gold atoms at high temperatures leaving a lasting radiant color) and has a high, intense vibration that is psychically protective. It is a stone of spiritual elevation that allows us to raise our vibration and help others do the same, seeing from a more peaceful, and balanced perspective. This lovely stone soothes and heals the emotional body, assisting us in releasing stress, anger, anxiety and fear. Aqua aura has a positive, high intense energy that promotes abundance and gratitude, peace and wellbeing, even in stressful times. 

Aqua aura shares a number of properties of aquamarine, encouraging us to speak your inner truth with compassion.  It is excellent for divine communication and can enhance meditation. Aqua aura also shields us from both psychic and psychological interference, turning away the negative effects of energies that are harmful or parasitic in nature, like “energy vampires” that can prey on empaths and others who are shining their light freely and openly.  Finally, this beautiful and vibrant stone can open the pathways to interdimensional communication, enhancing channeling.

So with some options for expanding our spiritual vision and others to protect and uplift us as we do, what other stone companions could be helpful?  We would suggest two more--- danburite and selenite. Lovely danburite, a particularly gentle but powerful opening stone, is another great option when working to see from a higher perspective. It is a terrific ally in increasing your awareness of the higher vibrational realms and integrating your vertical alignment.  Danburite is said to clear and open from the crown chakra all the way to the fourteenth chakra, linking to the heart.  This stone has a special connection to the angelic realm, allowing one to more clearly hear guidance from guides and angels.

Besides the connection with the higher realms, danburite also assists one in releasing worry, grief, anger, resentment and stress- embedding the sense that all is well and in the hands of divine spirit.  In this way, it facilitates meditation, improves sleep and also opens to more joy and contentment.  A perfect ally when we need to “see” from a higher heart space and help ground that frequency for ourselves and others in turbulent times.  And on top of all these wonderful reasons to recommend it, danburite is a very effective healing stone that Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones says “..carries an energy that is the closest I have found to the reiki frequency in a stone.”

 And last, but certainly not least, selenite is an amazingly effective stone in opening the upper chakras.  By clearing any stagnant and blocked energy, it allows us to let the divine light in, leading to a higher view and more understanding of ourselves, our world and others.  Not only can selenite clear energy blocks within us, it can clear all other stones as well, making it a go-to in any stone collection. Finally, this stone is a great addition to keep near any windows or doors in your house, paired with another protective stone like shungite, obsidian or tourmaline.

Protective, grounding, cleansing and light activating, selenite is plentiful, comes in many forms, and is a must have.  Please note: selenite will erode when wet- so keep this beauty dry!