Inspired by the amazing array
of stone companions on the earth

We embrace innovation and diversity in our designs to bring you jewelry that helps you feel more comfortable as a spiritual being having a human experience!

Grounding Strands & Bracelets

Grounding Strands are a longer column of stones and metal that come together organically around a certain intention. These long strands are more concentrated and are lovingly loaded with special stones to help you stay grounded, support you in your day’s intentions, or perhaps inspire you to be a more expansive version of yourself.  They are wonderful worn alone or can pair beautifully with our Intention Necklaces, Grounding Bracelets and Ear Candy to give you infinite flexibility.

A grounding strand might be made of onyx, black spinel, a Herkimer diamond or two, and some tourmalined quartz.  While this would be very grounding (supporting the base chakra), it would also be protective, clarifying, balancing, and the perfect thing to wear to a challenging meeting. You might want it with you at times when you need to stand your ground and firmly hold your alignment.

Another grounding strand might be all about higher connection and love, and include rose quartz, rainbow moonstone and amethyst.  It would be perfect when you want to remain loving and wise at a challenging family holiday, or amp the joy at a romantic dinner.

Grounding Bracelets are wonderful companions to nestle around your wrist each day.  Worn alone or in combination, each bracelet typically features the concentrated energy of a single type of stone to support, love and strengthen you.  Whether it’s a lovely circle of creative citrine, divine amethyst, or nurturing and grounding jasper, grounding bracelets can be combined and worn in powerful columns of 3-7 circlets that work together to support your highest choices.  Although very attractive in color and shape, their true beauty lies in their ability to ground your intention for the day.  Through endless combinations, they are a ready resource, both as charming accessories and loving companions.

Intention Necklaces

Intention Necklaces come together magically and organically in the studio.  Each conveys an intention or celebration of a particular quality expressed through a combination of amazing stones. One pendant might include a complimentary grouping of aquamarine, amazonite and opal — stones that emphasize the feminine Goddess qualities of compassion and self-love that can support setting healthy boundaries and communicating your truth.  Another pendant might feature tanzan aura quartz, amethyst and iolite, all stones of the purple ray that enhance psychic ability and open pathways, to invite its wearer to connect with her inner knowing.

Ear Candy

Our Ear Candy line gives you another fun way to benefit from the support of the stones!  Worn near the heart, throat and crown chakras, these earrings swing and sway as they support your desires in yet another unique piece of jewelry.  Whether through a long column of aqua aura quartz beads designed to raise your vibration and clear your thinking, or with a warming combination of amber and sunstone that heighten vitality and energy, these are more than accessories. They are nourishing stones to support you. Just like our Intention Necklaces, our earrings set a tone and intention that resonate with the stones that are featured.

New for You

Celebrate the natural rhythms and vibrations of the year with introductions of unique offerings for the seasons.  Want an anklet to help you stay grounded in the easy, breezy, heady days of summer? Or is it time to hold and embrace an amazing stone from the earth as the leaves turn?  See what we are premiering and get them before they are gone!